by Foreboding Ether

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released August 9, 2012



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Foreboding Ether Kent, UK

Foreboding Ether are a Progressive Death Metal band from Kent. Formed in 2007 and after a couple of turbulent years with member changes, the line up is now stable.They have been gigging heavily since April 2010 and went on tour around the UK for the first time in November. Their Debut E.P. - Beyond Conjecture was released in July 2011.
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Track Name: Revelations
How did we get to this stage?
The overworked underpaid age of wage slaves.
We trade our lives for money yet,
every month our belts get tighter,
rates increase we're none the wiser.
Our fates have been determined
by a handful of faceless businessmen
planning out the next recession, 9/11, depopulation
and when the shit hits,
we'll blame ourselves.

All evil needs to triumph is good men that do nothing

if you believe what we're told
our species has evolved to what we are now,
the most advanced race with the world at our finger tips
and we're only limited by what our minds can perceive
I see a bar-less prison, slaves of the 40 hour week
stressed, driven to drink or worse.
This flawed existence is the source of our discontent.
We need a new model that puts morals before financial gain.

We've seen history repeat,
if you were in charge, what would you think?
What worked once will work again.

In a time where much is known,
we can still be lead far too easily.
As forgeries improve,
who can tell the truth from conspiracy?
The future is bleak.

We've got the sick leading the blind,
as those who care and harm are intertwined.
The whole guise of protect and serve shows its face when innocents are pepper sprayed for standing up for their rights.
So pipe down, and keep it to yourself.
Join the population gazing from the fucking shelf.
Our plates are full, they're supposed to be
tools of distraction that wealthy factions planned from scratch
and they won't be stopped until they bring the end of this world that we know.

The more you look
the more that questions come to mind
the more answers you find
the clearer it is that we've all been lied to.
(The) Sumerians more than 6000 years ago
mapped the solar system
we only found it in the last century

how does information get lost?
With intent (x2)

cover up the contradictions, pave the way for their religions, toying with a species that's obsessed with superstition.

In a time where much is known,
we can still be lead far too easily
as forgeries improve
who can tell the truth from conspiracy?
The future is bleak.