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released May 26, 2018


all rights reserved




Foreboding Ether are a Progressive Death Metal band from Kent. Formed in 2007 and after a couple of turbulent years with member changes, the line up is now stable.They have been gigging heavily since April 2010 and went on tour around the UK for the first time in November. Their Debut E.P. - Beyond Conjecture was released in July 2011.
Foreboding Ether are currently looking for shows!
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Track Name: Plagued Skies
To amend
a trend that’s embedded
or end up a victim
On track for relapse
still attached to aspects
of trash distraction
We don’t always see logically
toying with poison
My clear skies deprived
until the crime is rectified
In purgatory
searching for

Rigid and constrained
by reckless days
failing in subtle ways
at first
When left unchecked
getting wrecked
not a shred of self respect
Last minute
bound to turn it round
I’m ticking every box
I know I should
Kick my arse
because I could
Prime times
we’re not a product
of seductive
Beware times
we blend right in
Seen I’ve descended again
it’s time to reel it in
You’ve heard it all
looking like a fool
I might act contrite
but you don’t lack hindsight
A few tonight
for old times’ sake
Or scout out a new routine
A clean means to get endorphins
Competing scenes repeating
Just need to abstain
for the first days

Finding the strength to snap out of it
Got a brand new perspective
can’t believe
it has been so easy
But don’t be deceived
in thinking things
are different now

Even just a sip can be the tipping point
Back to where you’ve been
at the beginning
hitting home you
have to start again
Temporary temptation
when frustrated
is a test of will
wait until
you feel the need
to see you can
first hand

It will be fine
it’s just a matter
of time to adjust
Changing inside
The weight of mistakes
built up in your mind
Now you know

More likely to fall
with no goals in place
to tenacious patterns
The thought of something
we find exciting
makes struggling
Give the focus purpose
or stay the same
and maintain
a familiar routine
Nothing to show
no control at all
Grow old never knowing
what struggling can do for you

Fine in a paradigm
of impulsive design
gunna die
Why give a fuck?
Just redline

Do something new
return restarted
Change is cathartic
with no targets festered
stressed getting tested
Finding I declined

Confined to a paradigm
of impulsive design
though malign
could be turned round
in no time
Inclined to excess
so unless
it’s expressed
in a positive context
ya gunna regress
See the curse
as purely misspent potential

Living excessive
is a gift at a risk
When short term saviours
lead to antisocial behaviour
Indulging to maintain
keeping checks
on the brain
Am I slipping?
Knowing just how low you can go
Enthralled to show
more control
It will be fine
it’s just a matter
of time to adjust
Changing inside
the weight of mistakes
built up in your mind
Now you know
Track Name: Abhorrent Affairs
throughout our known history
as endemic today
Disguised as civilised
we’re surprised
when they say
A sheltered civilian would kill
if they were the victim
Is there hope for peace
in our lifetime?
I don’t know

Contrast in our opinion
both sides are right in their eyes
A stalemate
plays out on the world stage
with the faith based
and atheist
Fanatics attacking
for a difference
in view of afterlife
can’t conceive compromise
Seen on the screen
a cry for airstrikes
Vote passed
aircraft left that night
Watching it live
in bitter disbelief
Found I’m naive
no matter how much I read
The speed stories
are here and then gone
we don’t get long to digest
Most reiterate
but we don’t extrapolate enough

From the western perspective
the last option is bloodshed
but we’re not like minded
Can’t we just work it out?
Talking to the ilk
that’s taught to kill
from the second they walk
The thought never seems
to cross our minds
Our lives that breed
weakness on mass scale
could be doomed to fail

Stressed and self obsessed
the average Joe
doesn’t know what darkness is
To lose a loved one by a drone
We moan when there’s
traffic on the road
or if ya dinner’s served cold
Life in a microcosm of our own
Many seem devoid of empathy
Issues of no significance
blow up to compensate

Hard to grasp
what’s going on
in a soldier’s mind
whose duties include suicide
To be willing to die
more committed than I
Our partners sleep in fur pyjamas
A culture of blokes
with life-size teddy bears
Aware but underprepared
for more abhorrent affairs
Domesticated to a fault
There are problems
that there is no
Academic solution to
Divided we’re weak
in need of an authority
protect us
from them
for lack of a better option
Track Name: Education & Catastrophe
From a childhood
where the high tech artefact
was an 8-bit console
Landlines only to call
Then when you left the house
you were off the grid
In a few decades
what can be done has surpassed
our wildest dreams

While desensitised
by our sly adored devices
Lured to tailored feeds
of shock and awe
You’re glued to news
and the breakthroughs
each day
Can’t relate at all
yet drawn right in
but care for nothing
Nonplussed and hooked

Get used to change
whatever comes
you know that people
do what they need to survive
Under duress
when it’s us and them
Time and again

Moore’s law so far unflawed
the rate of change still increasing
By doubling every year
the futures here
Seeing an air of uncertainty
as we evolve through our technology

Nano-machines fighting off disease
robotic white blood cells
call into question
Is what human means
going to change?
When everyday
we step ever closer to
Ray Kurzweil’s gaze

The birth of robotic enhancements
mass produced, exoskeletons
making their first appearance
Gaining strength
past all that we’ve seen
Merging with machines
Exceeding demands
till they land in the wrong hands

When they do...
What will it mean
for me and you?

Constant overt surveillance
I’ve heard it said that
if you’ve got nothing to hide
what’s all the fuss about?
There’s no need to be paranoid
Warrantless data collection
defies the guise
that you’re innocent
till proved otherwise

The totalitarian tiptoe
still infiltrates our lives
from secrecy to taking strides
Ed Snowden revealed
the true extent of the
trouble that we’re in
Without encryption
software everything’s tracked
we’re being hacked
there’s no privacy
No freedom or security
this breach is fucking infamy
Those cunts
will take what they can
and plan to carry on as
it’s always been
until we do something
Track Name: Hostilis
Wisdom preserved
for thousands of years
by cultures from the
amazon basin is being forgotten
Experts of plant entheogens
Founders of cures
claimed by western medicine
Are forced to fight or flee their
homes from oil interests
Shamanic techniques of
hallucinogenic ecstasy
That’d catalyse a brighter
ethos for humanity
Will soon be lost

Within seconds there’s a
flux of complex imagery
Straining to remain unfazed
to attain a means to breakthrough
Surging tubes of transparent light
The height is truly inconceivable
I can’t believe my eyes
Struggling to take in everything
flooding in through my mind
Bridging the earth and sky
the axis mundi of ancient tradition
Making us question
what our minds can really do

scroll through the Bardo Thodol
The book of the dead contains text
that is read to the dying
But has wide application
Understanding could facilitate
a new perspective
Strength of self
is the aim of the head game

Tryptamine scenes
Gleaming waking dream states
That forsakes
preconceived boundaries
Teeming with beings
and obscene machinery
Streaming their meaning
as if to convey to me
Can’t you see what this means
We are more than
flesh blood and bone
There are no boundaries
to the mind
Exhaling the essence
of the Aya’ vine

The 90’s spawned
the first research
In decades of a
DMT study in clinical settings
First-hand accounts detailed in full
In Rick Struassman’s work
on The Spirit Molecule
Provides a glimpse of what
the high dose states reveal
Contact with another dimension
Transcendental scenes
with non-material beings
That mimic cultural themes

Three inhalations later my eyes close
there’s only black
From the distance
fractal patterns descend
I’m excited, elated and terrified
When the fact dawns
that there’s no going back
An uproar of more phantasmagoria
Begs you to decode and cognize
Is intention embedded in what we see?
What does it mean?
Or is it nothing
but a tryptamine dream?

Heed these words
we don’t know anything
Trust yourself and
follow your instincts

Parts of the world have
passed laws that protect ayahuasca
For its use as a sacrament
Noting its worth
for advanced psychotherapy
Addressing depression
and treating anxiety
It’s fair to despair
at our drug laws
But research is underway
again finally
Free from restrictions
imposed by Dick Nixon
All kinds of studies
may now come to fruition
and that is just
the first stage
Track Name: Obscene Machinery
Surviving the times
when psilocybin is inclined
to fill our minds with revelation
Consultations in another dimension
Forsaking our preconceptions
for a new direction
immersed in the Imagination

you find it’s affecting both planes
as you’re no longer the same
to some now
quite insane
As the vastness of your brain
able to contain
countless number
of strains and threads
concepts that enter our heads
embedded, inspiring
illiterate and spiralling out

An inclination to shout and scream
as our minds wave and wean
between scenes teeming with beings
Streaming meaning
through obscene machinery
Everything gleaming and grinning
Seemingly sinister
to every interpreter
at the beginning
of their understanding
Track Name: Coming In Contact
I met this guy
when out last night
wide eyed
the enlightened type
Tried a vine refined by primeval tribes
the sights he described
stuck out in my mind
you can breakthrough
and that means
you go somewhere else
He felt compelled to learn how in life
so when he died
he’d act right
and might save the self

Strange as it sounds
some claims are deranged
and some familiar
He says it comes on
You feel the presence of someone
A female energy
or like alien insects
depending on the time

They show you things
that I can’t describe
The definitions 20k
and it’s nothing like life
It’s different every time
There’s later stages
you can access
if you quiet your mind
and don’t succumb to the surprise

So close your eyes
clear your mind
breathe deep
just let it happen
Discomfort for those
who hold on for control
Keep calm and absorb
all you can
We recall next to
nothing at all

Enough magic
gotta fact check
Could you induce a dream state
when you take enough?
You could reduce it
as nothing but your mind on drugs
But that belittles the fact
our brained adapted
to react in ways divine

Coming in contact
with the other
could change someone for life
If it did for me
then I changed in
ways I like

I watched for months
to bring back answers
Stunned with wonder
no wiser
I benefitted but it subjective
All endorsement
is tentative

or your mind
It makes no difference
what it’s called
The fractals fall
and they come
for all of us
Track Name: Pillars of Thought
My mind’s over occupied
this recent stint of shit’s
been soul eclipsing
I think I’m getting out
but then it’s worse than ever
Luck isn’t guaranteed
as much as bad luck is as good given
Surrendering to what we can’t avoid
A choice to give a fuck
or mug it

One thing keeps on getting me
I’ll be driving and my mind
plays out the same dilemma
over and over again
I know I’ll find resolve
I can get a hold of a quick fix
but it’s started getting kinda
tricky try’na justify
Suppression of ill feeling
when discomfort
would be the thing
to bring about
a change much quicker
Got high and analysed
but when it comes to time applied
How hard have you actually tried?
Really tried

Real life resurrection
Torturous recurring thoughts
feeling distraught
adorning famine thinking
sick in the head

Gone wrong all along
yet never been stronger
Eyes wide to surprise
derive meaning
from your mistakes
Learn and recover

Time to sink or swim
it’s started getting grim
Look at it again
and get a feeling
that it’s never giving in
Racking your brain
you know there’s no other way
Seen we’ve been Insignificant
patience getting thinner
When it’s finished
will I settle in my skin?
What can you do, it sucks
fucked up and down
on your luck

Sunlight is a disinfectant
with problem solving
Every time
you’re wrong you learn
from cognitive contagions

Intrusive thoughts
are the puzzles in play
that plague us everyday
When looked away from
tend to haunt again
until we embrace
how best to face
the worst case

Where we go wrong
where we’re most provoked
goes under the microscope
The objective approach
in essence is simple
Who do you let drive?
Pillars of thought
or the woods of the mind?
The next time I see red today
Please fuck give me strength to refrain
Don’t Indulge and speak my mind
That’s what causes shit
Track Name: Meliorate
Five fifteen
I could scream at the ceiling
agitated straight out of bed
Head full of loose ends
fending off dependencies
Thirsty where
there’s opportunity
labouring long hours
still scouring for ways round
Feel doomed to be defined
by a role imposed to survive
Want to write
but working overtime

Body and mind
where a conflict persists
The path of least resistance
keeps drawing you in
Days at a time squandered
all our motives unchecked
We disrespect
the expectations of mind

The burden of awareness
so intrinsic
Flitting between
feast and famine thought
Most report to a host
hungry ghost
Ate a plate of shit
want to quit
won’t be the last time
I tried and died
let me roll again
I got a feeling my luck
is going to change someday
Find a goal
get pro or know
I’ll just die an arsehole
With plans in mind
but with nothing in motion

Too uptight
about the time
always ticking down
Now you care too much
and you’re not fun to be around
Feel you’re flaking?
Take a break
hobnobs from the shop
and a cuppa does the world of good
A bud in a vape
to initiate a fighting state
thinking straight
in the shape to contemplate
Whatever it takes to get started
make the first step
and you’re halfway there

It’s fucking fear motivating
Body and mind
where a conflict persists
The path of least resistance
still drawing you in
We’ll see no peace
in a position that defied
expectations of mind
Straight up complacent
amazed days are flying by
sure that we’re slipping
Dead encumbered
perturbing burdens
fervently fighting for headspace
Counting the hours
left to snatch
something for ourselves
feeling defeated
Not giving in
it’s just a hard day
One last foray
to make
today better than yesterday
Track Name: Yabo
It’s getting harder all the time
to resign
trawling news online
and just live life
Why abstain?
When any mundane moment
is a page away from dissipating
Sitting with our thoughts
to explore
What we’re working for
rarely anymore
to watch people than perform

Way too entertained
thinking grey
too much of the same
Under nourishing
habits are maintained
When the body finds abundance
the production of that drug is stunted
Maybe ideas are the same
and we stifle thought
never getting bored
A smorgasbord
of mortals we’ve adored

Tailored feeds are slot machines
promising shots of dopamine
Straight in to the vein
just enough to keep you keen
When the trickles Intermittent
studies confirm people
keep returning
Acts of hate
like bait to our innate traits
drawn into debate
Why do I participate?

Vying for our eyes is an enterprise
The wandering mind
ever notified
Enticed to devices by design
Habit normalised

Slaves to data
when in a In a state of malaise

These are our last years
outside of grand
augmented landscapes
Necks untethered
from posture wrecking
pocket screens
an age of holographic Networking

What could go wrong?

Eye devices storing your memories
would be handy to find lost keys
but I dread the day I capture a tragedy
When there’s someone to blame
replaying frame by frame
Facial recognition will look for clues
sending data to the user about our mood
Reading subtle vibes to provide replies
Torn between suggestions
and speaking your mind
Any shady thing you do
can and will be used against you
Will more proof conserve context?
Which people twist
to suit agendas
every day in the news
Is it more rope
To hang ourselves with?
Track Name: Murdering The Universe
The next generations
risk suffering impatience
We get it all right now
Will it lead to more conflict?
Can’t bare discomfort
so can’t talk things out
As the quicker we think
the more fight or flight
our instincts

Seeking outlets of intensity
To blow out the burden
of what it is we needed to survive
for the longest time
Can you contend with what is found inside?
It’s on my mind

What’s worse,
murdering the universe
or not getting what you want?
Options limited
while a gun’s against your head

Keep our thoughts shallow
stay glued to the feed
scroll between extremes
Subjugate creative traits
and you’ve sealed your own fate
So out of touch
you can’t relate when you spectate

Never more aware
of our differences
In our face
are wretched traits of all shapes
Exposing neurosis
in post debate

Feeling the pen again
My brain is alien
Cursing the page
until a point has been made
There’s never the time to think
Crushed under a mountain
I’ve felt the weight breaking
my mind

Risking it all for easy money
What is the price of your peace of mind?
Getting shark eyes
Living with visions
of it going shit

Back and
racking up the pratfalls
Fractured Ass
Town renowned
for new problems everyday
Clowns love to get lit
when they’re down and out
Sick of the same victims
indignant but never admit
when it’s mostly their fault
But we can’t stop from
watching cause they’re so episodic
Can you contend with what is found inside,
and start again?

Pop that bottle
closed this episode
What’s up next fuck knows
Gone so long most
must have forgotten
but now we’ve got the job done
pumped on
the direction of the next one

Got to make a change
with a couple things
To stay the same
without the shocking
time frame
The first to admit
that It’s been insane

Feeling the pen again
new take on everything
Oceans apart
from who we were at the start
but all of us are still here
On top of the mountain
though shrouded in fear
of deaf ears

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