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Waking up to roll a large one, still laughing from the night before.
We've drunk too much, need some munch, get the Rustlers and Rockstar from Best One.
My head is pounding, vision hazy the whole world can see I'm lean
The least of our problems, if my house-mates had woke up and seen
The aftermath, our path of carnage, everywhere
There's various stains on walls and burn holes from flairs, in carpets on stairs.
Half drunk tinnies, littered like skittles, shit from the ashtray, literally spilt.
The air is thick from the wasteland of half dead corpses
Blitz the lot, and leave no trace of our existence
The perfect crime..Where the culprits are the victims

Piece by piece it all comes back,
The clues crop up and paint the scene
Fragments of the night distorted in my memory,
Trying to connect all the dots leading up until the black spots
Just finding empty space, the guilt sets in...

Once again we shake it off
We blaze some stink and blast some tunes
There's not much you can do when your hanging out your arse
What's the point stressing today about tomorrows obligations
Dread wont tilt the scales into your favour

Throwing up blood for three days with a mouth like a rusty socket set
Two black eyes, my skin turned yellow, a foot that's swollen and purple.
It could be time to consider we're, bordering excessiveness!

Save your sympathy for me, i know exactly how i got here.
The whole night night was fuckin epic!
Munching bars of mushrooms with Ren and Stimpy!
Gut-pains from laughing,witnessing everything in a new light.

You know that there's something that I wanna say
but when I'm baked I struggle how to word it
(You can't see past my redeye, I know you fucking judge me)
I've found most things are all right to try in moderation.
But its not for everyone, don't get caught out, know your limits.

Heavy show last night with the South-East party crew in full effect
We find our way to return to the scene of the crime,
Only to find that the whole place had come back to life.

My head feels like a hammered shit, my vision fucked.
Stomach like glass shards protruding organs.
Commence the walk of shame, surviving with no sleep.
Spirits high though our bodies beat.


from Beyond Conjecture, released July 7, 2011



all rights reserved



Foreboding Ether are a Progressive Death Metal band from Kent. Formed in 2007 and after a couple of turbulent years with member changes, the line up is now stable.They have been gigging heavily since April 2010 and went on tour around the UK for the first time in November. Their Debut E.P. - Beyond Conjecture was released in July 2011.
Foreboding Ether are currently looking for shows!
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